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Sunday, March 19, 2006

december 2005

Me and brian went to have look at brian,s dads allotment today, i didnt realise just how many plots have been left unused....hmmmm im having a little think.....'wotchya think bri?' 'sounds good to me sair, and lets face it, you,re taking more and more of the lawn up every year....'
So here we are, greenland allotments Redditch near birmingham, me and Brian my hubby to be on Sept 30th 2006 , youd think we had more to be worryting about with wedding plans than what to plant and where aye?...oh no, .... plants first, and wedding stuff later, weve got work to do!!!!!

This is pretty much how we started our allotment exept that here we have managed to strim all the grass(couch) down and start burning bits and pieces.
The plan being to dig each plot over and enrich the soil as we go, Brian has decided he is going to build his own shed bless him, as he is well in to his carpentry!
ohh well wish us luck aye!!!


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