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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday, January 8th 2006

We are getting there slowley but surely, ive managed to dig a couple of beds now, but the soil is that thick with couch grass that ive gived up all hope of pulling it out, i am now digging down a spades depth down till im well past the roots, and just piling it up at the back of our plot, thankfully its pretty apparent that someone once loved this plot as the soil is really good for quite a way down so at least im not digging down into any subsoil.
Brians Dad is having a good old go too, and hes planning what to put and where, hes even got his shed up allready so we can store some of our stuff there for the time being.
ive dug a long narrow bed across the side of our plot to put some runner beans in, although i thinks its far too narrow now ive done it, so ill just have to see what happens!
its so peacefull and quiet down on the lottie, its so nice to escape the mad pace of work and just come down here and chill out, our friends cant seem to understand what we mean when we say we are chilling out when we getting covered with horse muck, mud, straw, and wood ash, but its out in the open air, complete with half rotten deckchair, a flask of tea and a fag and we,re in bliss!!!!


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