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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday April 15th

above: is that shit on my shoe????
above left: our chloe working hard, bless
left: our multicoloued thing of beauty!!!

seeing as the weathers been dryer we decided to pop down the lottie today as well as sunday, im glad we did really coz weve managed to get quite a bit done. Kevin and my neice chloe came down today to help too, so kevin dug us another bed out while me and chloe started weeding all the couch grass out of the new beds, bloody stuff its everywhere!
ive noticed the onion sets are starting to show through and the garlic too yipee!!
ive planted out some spring onions and some perpetual spinage today too, im quite interested to see how the spinach grows as we love eating this anyway!
brian has put the roofing felt on the shed and the door too, and just needs to make it all the same the moment its all multicoloured!
my sister has given me a load of her shrubs out of her garden as they have moved to a place thats only got flagstones everywhere (horrible!) so ive took some down the lottie and put em in pots to brighten it up a little.
i was most impressed with our chloe earlier, she was planting a pieris in a pot for me and filled the pot half full, then made a little hole to put it in etc... when kevin asked her how she knew what to do she said. 'Auntie Sarah showed me last year when we were planting her petunia's !!!' i
was sooooo proud!


Blogger NoForkandGood said...

For the love of God, paint that door :D

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