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Sunday, April 09, 2006

sunday April 9th

Spent this morning down at the lottie, and met a few more people down there too. Everyone seems so friendly, if we couold get some more people down there now taking on plots it would be exellent!
My sisters partner kevin said he would pop down too, so after we had been there for a fabulous sunny half hour he rang to say he was at the gates waiting to be let in.
As i started to walk down to the gates all of a sudden the heavens opened and it belted it down with rain and hail!!!!!! i couldnt belive it! poor Kev, so we had to stand in the shed untill it had passed over then we returned to work in ernest.
We have managed to get another couple of beds dug out, and not much else unfortunatley coz of the bloody rain!!!
im now thinking of taking another plot on next door to us, as i can see that im soon gonna run out of space and i want some where to make a nice seating area with a few shrubs and stuff, so thats another thing to think about!!!


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