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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday, March 19th

every weekend we wake up hoping the weather is going to be at least dry, and this sunday it was lovley!
It took us all our time to get to the lottie today as we were both suffering with mild hangovers so, we really needed the fresh air to get us moving!!!!
Brian is really getting on well with building the shed, and i have managed to dig a few more beds out.
A friend of ours has promised us lots of horse muck, although we are going to have to pile it all into a big bin to let it rot down a bit first as its very fresh.
I have planted out some onion sets today, and also some garlic along with them too, I read up and what to put in the bed and ive been informed that onions like ash,manure(rotted) and compost , so ive put all three in, but not in huge quantities, as the soil looked in pretrty resonable nick anyhow.


Blogger Kelly said...

HEY Sairy,
The building is looking great! Will keep an eye out for any updates!
Take care

6:16 AM  

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