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Monday, April 17, 2006

Saturday April 15th,16th and 17th!!!

have spent the most fantastic few days on the lottie. Brians pretty much finishing off the shed now by paining it a lovley browny colourand hes put together a pub style bench that we bought a few years ago and had nowhere to put.he gotta put up the guttering and connect it to the water butt so we can get a serious stash of rain water going.
my bro-inlaw and my niece have been helping too which has been lovley, kevin has been getting stuck in by helping me to dig out some more beds, which always kills my back, so ive been sat on me bum pulling mountains of couch grass out!.
ive planted some more seeds,Beans,spring onions,and swede,
and some baby beetroot.
when we first started digging the beds out i had began to pile the earth up[ at one end of the plot with the idea to cover it in black plastic and let it rot down a bit... its in the piccy on the left hand side bit. ive now changed my mind and weve spent a few hours digging it all back up again and piling it all in nice clods at the back of the lottie, it looks like dry stone walling! i reckon with some nice wildflwer seeds over top it will look lovley!, which means now ive got some more space to sow my sweetpeas to make a lovley wall which will smell gorgeous when the wind blows through it.
i had a few hours all to myself today when everyone had buggered off for a while which was real nice, the sun was belting down, i had my tea and a fag (NFG bog off!) and my sarnie and i was total heaven, ohh for more days like this.


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