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Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday 20th March

Grrrrrrrrrrrr! just when I manage to wrangle some time off work and rely on the weather to be at least dry why does it have to be so horrible?!!!
We woke up to see the darkest sky imaginable this morning, So, not to be put off, I started sewing some more seeds in the greenhouse, Tomatoes ,'marmande' ,asters, and sweet peas, a bit of a mix but I love my shrubs and flowers too, checked the brussel sprouts are doing ok, they have just started to sprout, and begged the sweetcorn and peas to make an the same every year, i cant wait for the first seedling to emerge!
I have also planted some lilly bulbs in some pairs of boots, daft i know but ive a perfectly good reason why!
For Christmas just gone, when me and Brian had just got our allotment i was dead keen to have a funky pair of wellies, so imagine how exited i was when i opened one of my prezzies on Christmad day to find a bright pink pair of boots with white hearts all over em!!! imagine then, my disapointment when on the second trip up to our lottie, when the metal rod slid out of my boot and make a massive hole in em!! hense the reson for the lillys in them , not to mention ive also planted some in my old pair of doc martens boots too, as I wouldnt dare to part with my old babies!!!
Just for the record, ive now got a very sober 'practical' pair of wellies.....


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