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Saturday, June 24, 2006

computers down....arggggggggggggggggggg!!!!

god im goin insane! our computer has finally bit the dust and im sat twidlling me fingers without one!
ahh well theres loads of work to do down at the lottie, but we have took so many piccys, im dying to upload em onto here, never mind ill get round to it.
everything comming up brilliant, weve got cabbage, peas, sugar snaps,brussels...and more and more, its fantastic, our runner beans have been stunted a bit as i think we put them out a bit too early , but they are comming along slowley.
the second plot we have took on is comming along slowely too, but were doing it a biot at a time, rather than knackering ourselves out and then not bothering, id like to leave a bit empty so i can sow some wild flower seeds.
we dug up our first batch of spuds last week and they were delicious, and along with that some spinach, rocket and peas!
so with all of that and prepariong for the iminent wedding in september, im a busy bee hehehe!!!!!. xxxxxxxxxx


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