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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday 23rd March

Managed to finish work early today to pop up town to but some more fruit bushes. We have got some more raspberrys, and another goose-gog bush , but this time weve bought a red variety.
And as usual we cant come out the shop without buying something extra, so ive got a packet of runner beans, and some perpetual spinach, which ive still to find out about how to grow!!!
The shed is almost finished, and brian is just making the door to go on it now!
The only nagging worry that i keep on having is that when we were at the lottie the other day, we met with the chap who has the plot behind us, dave,s his name. Anyhow he was saying to us to be carefull with what we leave on our plot because of vandals, he said he doesnt even put a lock on his shed anymore, to stop them from ruining his shed, he just doent leave anything valuable there in the first place.Im just worrying that as Brian has made our shed from scratch, albeit mainly to save some pennies and for fun, if the shitholes decided to vandalise it, id be devastated for him because of the time and effort he put in to make it in the first place!!"
Ahh well we shall have to see, and start dreaming up ways of disguising things around the plot, and hiding things!!!
thought id post a couple of piccys of my Father in law too bless him, hes got the plot next door to us, so were never short of tea and chat!


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