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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back to normal, but married!

Well its been a long time getting this blogger updated.Me and Bri have still been managing to get down to the lottie, and for our first year we have had a fantastic year veg wise, but the last couple of months have been really busy with the wedding plans and all that. Its been so worth it as we have had the best day of our lives, and seeing all our family, friends and all my custommers there was fantastic!
But it is so nice to be able to chill out a little bit now, even though im now dying to get spending all my extra pennys on stuff for the lottie, im gonna have to be good for a wee while longer.
Im still trying to get the hang of this rotation thing and ive wrote down the main bits to be aware of, and ive sorted out all our beds for next year, the only thing thats bothering me, is if i want to grow something else, which of course im going to want to, where on earth do i put it, it will bugger up my rotation thingy !!
ahh sod it for now.
anyway, i think one of the main things we could do with investing in is a little strimmer, coz im so sick and tired of when the grass grows along the paths. Ive put some of that membrane stuff down, and it does do the trick to begin with but the bloody grass still grows!
the second plot we have taken on is comming along slow but sure, now we have a bit more time we shall be able to start getting more beds dug out.
There has also been a big surge of people taking plots on by us too, which is great.It was very quiet at first but now theres allways someone there to chat to.
There has been a poor woman who has had her shed burnt down twice though since we have been there and shes such a lovley lady i feel so sorry for her. She would give you anything, and is allways sharing her seeds out and dividing her plants out, so heres hoping she stays bless her.x
well i had better go and take some more piccys now that we have dug up most of our produce, and the poor beds look more like empty graves again heheh!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Blog, and you looked beautiful on your wedding day.

2:24 AM  
Blogger gilly said...

Congrats on the wedding. You both looked great. Well done.
Happy Digging!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gilly ( bluepetergirl )

3:33 PM  

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