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Monday, July 02, 2007

Bloody rain!!!!

I am so sick and tired of the rain!

im usually the first one to go out in the rain and i love going out walking in it, and its brillaint for saving all the hassle of watering the plot, but now its getting ridiculous.

Our back gardens looking more like a bog than it did in the winter, and our poor onions are sitting in an inch of water, theyre just holding thier own at the moment as its having just enough time to dry before raining again, or else they would go rotten.

weve got the week off this week, and i had planned to spend a lovley few days down there, just strimming the grass and geting a few more beds dug out, but theres no chance of that, and the grass in the gardens looking like no one owns it!!!

Ok, now breathe!.....

Well the broad beans are just holding on, and despite not looking the best beans in the world have provided us with a decent crop.

We have just lifted our first lot of spuds, (arran pilot) and theyre looking good, although not a huge amount, but thats mainly my fault, for digging the new beds far too narrow, so the poor spuds cant stretch thier legs!

The spinach, beetroot,runners,lettuce, radish are doing well too.

Ive noticed a few more things not growing so well tho this year.

Ive tried so hard with our carrots (F1 flyaway) which we had a brilliant crop of last year, and this year i made sure the soil was nice and crumbly and lovley for growing em, but all ive had is a couple show themselves.

The spring onions really dont want to grow in situ on our plot either, ive sown endless amounts and have given up now, so i grow em in the greenhouse and then carefully transplant em into thire final position.

If only the rain would stop! then the slugs wouldnt be beating me into submission GRRRRRRR!!!

After alls said and done though i will not give up, coz as soon as that sun shines, and the soil is workable again, and the grass is nice and dry for sitting on, ill love it all over again!!!!!!


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