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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday April 2nd

down to the lottie today, determined to get thru some more weeds and couch grass, so i have gone through the beds that i have already dug with a fine tooth comb, and really had a good old go, the soil looks so good, me and bri have really belted the pants out of it, to break down all the clods of earth!
after close inspection today i noticed that some of my onion sets have started to sprout, its either that, or the garlic that ive planted alongside them!
I really need to work on building the soil up on the raised beds, as all the stuff thats been taken out of it has meant that im going to be bending right down to sow and weed, rather than just crouching down, so ive worked in some more manure, and a load of compost too.
its done nowt else but rain and be windy today, so im glad that brians nearly finished the shed so we can shelter in there!
we have noticed that a few more people are taking the empty plots on now too, so hopefull we,ll see some new faces when the better weather arrives.
As i was about to throw away an old carpet that someone had left behind i noticed two frogs getting very 'friendly' underneath!!! bless em! so ive covered em up and left em to it!!!!!


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