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Sunday, July 08, 2007

A few piccys from last weekend.

The rain did stop for us to at least get the paths strimmed down and to sow a few more seeds , but thats about it.

Im constantly wishing i had more time to spend down there but im slowly realising that at some point we'll be spending even less time rather than more time down there so the easier i make it the better.

Some of the people on the lottie have absolutley beautifull plots but thats when they have all day to devote to them, which we havent, theres no way i could ever give it up now, its my little bit of piece and quiet, but i have realised that its never going to be one of these plots where everythings all shipsahpe and bristol fashion!!!!

the fruit Bushes seem to be growing ok, and the cage we built seems to be keeping the birds off our fruit. Theyre going slow but sure, i think next year ill onvest in some bigger plants though, we only bought some very cheap ones so see how they did but My father in laws have taken off at a fabulus rate so thats the next plan me thinks......

One piccy shows the red onions which we were supposed to storing but we got greedy, (i also gave them an accidental haircut with the strimmer whooops!!!)

Another piccy shows the cabbges (golden acre) which seem to changing thier colour, which Paul from over the road assures me its because of the dodgy weather ( he'd better be right....)

The second plot is still being very slowley dug, but ive decided to join the long, slim narrow beds together to make a much wider one. At the mo ive got lettuces, toms and pepper in there as well as some 2nd early pots.


Blogger The Allotment Blogger said...

What colour are golden acre supposed to be? And what colour are they going? Yellow can imply a mineral deficiency or too much or too little water - which isn't very helpful at all, but you know what I mean: is this your first year growing cabbages in that plot, because colour change might mean they are short of something in the soil

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